Had a wicked time playin in Switzerland with these guys! Dub, Cumbia, 2Step, Dubstep….bass all the way 🙂 Shout out to the Queen Kong Klub too for food n booze….

See some pix here

Space Echo

Some fresh tracks for y’all to listen to over at my MySpace: Missed Call, 1FerTwo and  Stringaling.  DJs let me know if ya want hi-res versions!


The all-conquering SEBP are releasing an album of remixes from their Choice Music prize award winning album, all by Irish electronic artists. ‘Appetite for Reconstruction’ will be available as a free digital download at www.superextrabonusparty.com from October and features remixes from Decal, Prince Kong, Ambulance and of course 2BiT!

There’s also a launch party for the album in Andrew Lane Theatre on October 10th, 8 til late, €10 and a free CD for the first 300 in.

2BiT plays the Low End stage, Sat 2nd August at the Mantua Music & Arts Festival, Roscommon.  Always great fun this fest and the Low End stage will be featuring some serious Irish producers working at the bass end o things… Expect Dubstep, D n B, 3-step, Basscore n more!

Mantua Festival Artist List


REDRUM2 flyer

As anyone who made it to the DJ Distance gig earlier this month knows, he’s got the freshest, heaviest dubplates….and that includes the dubstep remix of Leave It All Behind featuring Rachel Dey on vocals and trumpet, as featured on his RinseFM show! Available here!

Mantua Launch

A little taster of the fun n games of the Mantua Music and Arts Festival…1st 2BiT liveset in oooh, a year! Freshness…

Hear an exclusive new 2BiT track ‘Ancient Archive’ getting the bigups from the one n only DJ Distance (Planet-Mu, Tectonic etc)


After getting a serious bigup on DJ Distances’ RinseFM show….2BiT represents with the man himself for Distances first Irish appearance!

Lots of brand new 2BiT tunes getting their first airing here:

Mantua Festival

2BiT booked for this years Mantua Festival!

Playing dark electro and dubstep on the Alphabet Set stage alongside: Digital Mystiks, Decal, Frog Pocket, DJ C and much more