I was delighted to be invited to take part in this year’s CTM Festival in Berlin! Working with a diverse group of artists, musicians, engineers and choreographers we put together a showcase of performance works in an intense week of thinking, hacking and soaking up all that CTM had to offer.
Here’s ‘Ambit’, the piece created by Jennifer McClelland, Eldar Tagiev, Martjin Dirk Johling and myself.
“Ambit” explores the boundaries between our conscious thoughts and our primal emotions, breaking down the barriers between the audience and the performer.
Volunteers from the audience wear on-body sensors which detect physiological correlates of emotional state. They become the instrument, the interface to the computer and sound.
Dancers move the volunteers through different emotional states. These are used to drive the soundscape of the piece and trigger audio events, essentially ‘playing’ or ‘performing’ their emotions.

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