Fluoro-synthy remix for Manchester hip-hop crew the Dead Kings!

This year we got super hands-on with sound based ‘interactions’ that explain or visualised various aspects of sound, synthesis and electronics. From giant gongs to non-newtonian fluids dancing on a speaker participants can see, feel and shape sound in new ways.
Sound Playground - Electric Picnic 2015

So we’ve had some fun with this over the last few years at Electric Picnic festival!
Electro-myogram sensors pick up participants muscle tension and with a bit of Max/MSP wizardry controls the intensity of a series of light bulbs, all attached to our ol’ timey carnival attraction High Striker. Maximum flex to ring the bell!
It’s man vs. machine…step right up and test your strength!
High Striker - Electric Picnic 2014

Lady Grew remix launch party 8-06

TONITE folks! Launch party for Lady Grew’s remix package, 7″ & digital featuring mixes from Mad EP, Twoc, 2BiT etc. etc. etc.
King 7, Capel St., Dublin 10PM onwards… featuring a rare (these days) 2BiT liveset 🙂

Out now on Invisible Agent Records, 2BiTs bassbin bothering remix of Swarm Intelligence’s ‘On The Edge’. Lots more killer mixes on this release too from the likes of A-Force, Danseizure and more…go check!



Pressure proudly present representatives of some of Irelands biggest and best bass heavy underground electronic music club nights and record labels:

Lakker (Kaboogie)
A-Force & Lady Grew (Kaboogie/Ghetto Quietly)
Rob Dubculture (Dubculture)

There is simply TOO MUCH amazing stuff to say about this lineup of bass focused producers, label kingpins, to fit here….for the full lowdown check the info page below (just make sure you make it…this is one you don’t want to miss)


Doors open at 9.30pm
£5 on the door all night
Drinks promos all night, £2 for selected beers and spirits

Saturday, October 22 at 9:30pm – October 23 at 2:00am

The Bunatee, Queens University Students Union

This Island
Gonna be dropping some back-to-mine styles this Thursday at This Island in the Menagerie, Belfast
FREE in n cheap drinks…plus funk, soul, tropicalia, ska, reggae n loads more. Expect dusty 7″s and rare grooves.

Baobinga Belfast 25/6/11
Bassline badman Baobinga bounces into Belfast! (I should be writing headlines for the Sun)
Launching his new album featuring, well, just about _everybody_ in forward-thinking bass music at the moment so we’re hosting a shindig featuring Baobinga, Nez, MassyFuture, J. King and of course myself (more liveset action).

18/6/11 9PM onwards, £3 before 10:30 £7 after…so get there EARLY!!!
The Menagerie, 130 University Street, BT7 1HH

After the storming gig that was the All City Records crew, Pressure are back with 2 exclusive livesets for the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival.
Kab Driver AKA Dre Krabski is a Serbian robot from the 40’s who makes dance music. His creator died in the US in 72 during a science convention and Dre managed to escape and hide under the supervision of the funk band Phunkatropics. He has played uncredited due to his robotic nature, on numerous funk, R&B and pop records, throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s but has now settled in the UK where he produces electronic music in the privacy of his own lab.
Some killer releases on Acroplane (as Filaria), Airflex Labs and some HOTNESS in a collab with Boxcutter on Planet Mu.

2BiT probably doesn’t need much of introduction (as you’re already here) but expect LOADS of new bass business…y’all heard it here first 😉

Support from Pressure residents Messfuture/J.King/Nez

Saturday 30th April
The Deers Head
Lower Garfield Street

£3 b4 11 £4 after

Pressure-All City
Pressure proudly present the resident dj’s from one of Irelands biggest and best record shop/label, SUB ONE & OLAN

Over the past few years All City have been responsible for putting out music from big international artists such as Rira / Captain Moonlight / Relevance / Exile Eye / Heralds Of Change[Hudson Mohawke & Mike Slott / Daedalus / Teebs / Computer Jay / House Shoes / Matthew David / Take / Samiyan / Ras G / Martyn / Krystle Klear / Sully / Onra / Tokimonsta / Om Unit / Knxwledge to name but a few so expect the best in up front electronic funk!

Olan is the label head/shop owner/visionary(!), expect diverse post-hop beats and futuristic sounds+ exclusives from upcoming releases.

Sub One is the new school… bass-heavy selections spanning slo-mo house, tropical bass and dubstep.

Pressure residents J.King, 2Bit, Messyfuture and Nez on the warm up duties

The Menagerie, 130 University Street, Belfast
Doors open 9.30pm – Late
Door Tax £5 all night